Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Robux Generator for Roblox

Roblox Generator

Roblox Generator it's a robux generator for roblox. Usually people don't want to spend money in-game to buy items that are for sale. This generator will help people to get robux so they can add money on their roblox account . This way you will be able to get unlimited robux on the game.

Roblox Generator is a usefull tool and it's 100% to use. You don't get any risk of being banned. Our team is always updating this generator so it's working 99% of time. If it stops working just email us and an update will come to fix it.
So if you want to get free robux you must press generate to get a key. 

Just enter your PIN and you will successfully get the robux in your roblox game. Now you can buy any item that is for sale without spending any real money. If you still have any question there will be an help text with the download to teach you step by step how to generate and redeem your key.

Important: Don't redeem codes more than 4 times a day in order to have this generator working 100% for every user. 

Have fun with your generator hack and remember, don't sell this since this is not for distributions, we just want to help the comunity! 

Working robux generator 
This is confirmed to work on July 2013